Guinea Pig

Origins & Characteristics

The domestic Guinea Pig are not found living naturally in the wild, however their wild relatives originate in the Andes, not Guinea. The species play an important role in culture in South America where they are used as a food source and for medication. However, in Western societies’ the species is widely popular as a family pet.

All About Rachel & Phoebe

We have two lovely female guinea pigs who were donated to us by a member of staff at the end of 2018. They love a cuddle and get extremely excited at feeding times, especially if there are veggies involved.

If you would like to, then you can sponsor our guinea pigs using the form below.”

We Love

Vegetables !

We don't like

Being handled too much !

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If you are interested in sponsoring this animal, please use the contact form below to confirm your interest. We will endeavor to get back to you as soon as possible.

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